World-Class Dermatological Excellence at the Grand Hotel Quisisana, Where Science Meets Capri's Exclusivity


International hair and nail experts on Capri to discuss science at the island's most iconic hotel property: the Grand Hotel Quisisana. Fabrizio Pallotta d'Acquapendente, husband of Gabriella Fabbrocini to whom the Foundation of the same name is dedicated in her memory, proudly comments on the two-day “Hair And Nail And Anti-aging” event held May 3 and 4 in the exclusive Capri setting.


At the Grand Hotel Quisisana the first 2024 event of the Fabbrocini Foundation in memory of Gabriella Fabbrocini: the “Hair And Nail And Anti-aging” Meeting in the enchanting Capri setting.


An annual event that was started several years ago by the will of Gabriella. We are now at the eleventh edition of a medical conference that brings together the world's leading nail and hair experts, desired and organized not only by Professor Gabriella Fabbrocini, but also by Professor Antonella Tosti of the Leonard Miller School in Miami. It is an event that brings to Capri the leading experts in this field and continues the collaboration with the School of Dermatology, where Gabriella was the Director of the University Federico II of Naples, and features the collaboration of Plastic Surgery of the same Faculty, represented by Director Francesco D'Andrea and Professor Fabrizio Schonauer. Sadly, she is gone but her passion and dedication to medicine remain alive.

The chosen location welcomed this initiative with honor, why was the Grand Hotel Quisisana preferred?


Capri for Gabriella and me is a bit like our second home, I have a very strong emotional bond with this island and consequently the choice of location fell on the Quisisana because it represents the image of the azure island in the world. The hotel, by the way, is the only five-star facility of excellence that has a conference center capable of accommodating a large number of participants. This event, for example, every year exceeds three hundred registrants, so it takes an adequate structure and the Quisisana offers this possibility declined to the best.


Added value also given by the prestige of the location, which, combined with the nobility of the initiative, can yield results beyond expectations?

Certainly. Unfortunately, the last two editions were made in memory of my wife, and now her commitment to research and science has become ours and for which we try to do the best. This meeting is part of the institutional activities that the Fabbrocini Foundation intends to pursue along with charitable initiatives such as the one held at the Teatro Mediterraneo in Naples at the beginning of May and thanks to which we have raised more than 40 thousand euros already assigned to scholarships.

So, a shared commitment that becomes more prestigious every year....


Together we can achieve truly extraordinary results in scientific terms as well. The Meeting held at the Quisisana brought to the island many international experts, including Professor Martin Zaiac from Miami, Professor Vincent Sibaud among the world's leading oncologists-dermatologists, Gabriella's scientific research colleague, who was the guest of the conference together with the American Alvarez Cerfedez. Important names from the world scientific scene who enjoyed impeccable hospitality in a setting of yesteryear.


Can such an experience be repeated in the future? How was it experienced at the Quisisana?


An excellent combination, we are already planning next year's meeting in early May. All the conference attendees appreciated the scientific level of the two days but also the very high level of Capri hospitality at the Quisisana accompanied by the best of local gastronomy with exquisite cocktails, dishes with surprising flavors and an impeccable environment, not forgetting the spectacular view of the Faraglioni rocks. A stay that each of the participants will recount once they return home and cherish in their memories along with the desire to return.

The Quisisana, a hotel chosen by artists, poets, actors, and international politicians, was originally a clinic. Is there a kind of thread that continues to connect this establishment to science?

Yes, there is a deep connection that links the Quisisana to science and, as far as I am concerned, it will keep us coming back and coming back. It is a noble union that links the clinical past of the facility to the present, a place where one is well par excellence and which has always been the island's flagship.