Art, Music, and History for the Gala Dinner of the Omniyat Summer Collection in Capri

Art, Music, and History for the Gala Dinner of the Omniyat Summer Collection in Capri

Art, Music, and History for the Gala Dinner of the Omniyat Summer Collection in Capri

Quisisana: The Luxury Venue Chosen by the Big Art Festival

The enchantment of Capri, an exclusive gala event blending high-class art and music. On July 28th, Quisisana will be the luxury venue for the Omniyat Summer Collection by Big Art Festival. A lavish dinner accompanied by exquisite wines and the sounds of jazz, Brazilian samba, and Cuban rhythms from the famous group Pink Martini. Special guest of the evening will be "the man with two voices," Marcelito, for a fascinating performance in a magical night, sealing the timeless charm of the world's most celebrated island. An event not to be missed for an unforgettable evening in the place that has made the history of Capri like no other.

The Blue Island is among the exceptional locations chosen by the Big Art Festival, which elevates the concept of luxury by selecting the world's most exquisite destinations for its celebrations. An evening that aims to be the quintessence of pleasure, blending visual art, sublime music, and culinary excellence. The Grand Hotel Quisisana, an emblem of Capri since 1845, will provide an extraordinary stage for a unique array of emotions, creating emotional suggestions that transform music into pure art for a sensory experience in a place where beauty, in its broadest sense, will be the guiding thread of an extraordinary event encompassing culture, history, music, and the finest culinary art.

An evening not to be missed, combining the grandeur of history and the natural beauty of the world's most refined island with the splendor of the musical art of the international ensemble Pink Martini. A musical marvel formed in 1994 by the charismatic American pianist Tom M. Lauderleil with the talented singer China Forbes, dazzling audiences worldwide with an eclectic repertoire that spans classic jazz, Brazilian rhythms, and Cuban melodies. The special guest of the evening, Filipino singer Marcelito, will enchant the audience with his romantic voice that seamlessly transitions from a rich baritone to an untainted mezzo-soprano.

The Omniyat Summer Collection promises to be a symphony of senses for an evening of luxury and elegance. Don't just imagine being on the Quisisana terrace, facing the Faraglioni at sunset with a glass of the finest champagne, listening to captivating music—book your unforgettable night now.

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