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Grand Hotel Quisisana

Capri - within steps of the Piazzetta, you couldn't possibly not notice the imposing entrance of the Quisisana; an iconic five star property which, every since it opened, back in 1845, has been the chosen hotel of politicians and poets, royalty and rockstars...

Outside, on the legendary terrace, famous and not-so-famous guests relax and watch the world pass by. Inside, a luxurious oasis of peace and tranquility, of shimmering chandeliers, polished marble floors, gilt-framed mirrors and the warmest of welcomes...

The boutique-lined via Camerelle on one side; the hotel's fragrant, sea-view gardens, complete with paradisiacal pool and an unforgettable view of the Faraglioni, on the other. Glamour, luxury, privacy and the natural beauty of Capri: the secret of Grand Hotel Quisisana's 150 year long success.

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Quisisana's wellness area, where the art of beauty and the art of hospitality meet.

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In the heart of Capri

You can't possibly visit Capri without finding yourself, sooner rather than later, in front of the Quisisana. Like the Piazzetta,
this historic hotel is one of the island's best-known, most-loved and most-easily recognizable landmarks.

The hotel is located at the start of via Camerelle, the picturesque street where,
in just a few meters, you'll find the creations of both local artisans and all the best-known Italian fashion designers.

Near the Quisisana

  • The Piazzetta
  • The boutique-lined Via Camerelle
  • Gardens of Augustus
  • Charterhouse of San Giacomo
  • Via Krupp
  • Terraces overlooking the Faraglioni
  • The hotel's private park
  • Two tennis courts
  • The main taxi stand and buses to all four corners of the island
Rendez-Vous restaurant

Capri: any number of artists have sung songs, penned poems and made movies about Capri, but the only way to truly appreciate the magic of this Italian island is to stay here, in a hotel like Grand Hotel Quisisana...

Location of the Quisisana » Download the pdf guide

How to get here

Grand Hotel Quisisana is located right in the very heart of Capri, within steps of the Piazzetta. The center of Capri is a traffic free zone, meaning that, whether you travel by taxi or funicular train, you will always have to walk the last few meters to the hotel.

When you arrive in the port, you'll find a hotel representative waiting to greet you and take care of your luggage.

The concierge service will be happy to arrange transfers, by private car, helicopter or motor boat.